Draft Minutes of meeting 4th July 2022

Cleish & Blairadam Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held at 7.30pm. 4th July 2022 at Cleish Village Hall and online via Zoom

The meeting was attended by:

CCllr  F.  Principe-Gillespie (FG)

CCllr  F.  Whalley (FW)

CClr   M. Traylor (MT)

CCllr  N. Robertson (NR)

CCllr  C.  MacLaren (CM)

CCllr  S. Gordon (SG)

PKCllr R. Watters

PKCllr N. Freshwater

two members of the community were also in attendance.

Apologies: Apologies from PKCllr W. Robertson and PKCllr D. Cuthbert

The Chair (FG) welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked all for their attendance.  A brief discussion regarding options for minute taking took place with Chair suggesting using voice to text on the recorded meeting and looking at options to putting the recordings on-line.

Matters arising

The previous minutes were accepted with a change of speed reported in the previous minutes corrected from 30-20mph.

Discussion as to whether the CC should have a method of accessing Zoom for future hybrid meetings by means of a used laptop

Crime Prevention

Flower Tub stolen from Maryburgh, as well as a car from Lochran Farm. Some vandalism also reported with broken windows to a car on a driveway in Maryburgh.


(CM) Reported that Tilhill have been in touch regarding options to discuss a future forest plan above Cleish. It was agreed that the CC should engage with this positive pro-active approach. (CM) Proposed that issues such as downstream flooding risk, drainage design and ongoing maintenance of drainage should be discussed as well as potential public access.

(MT) Raised the speeding issue in Keltybridge and that a vehicle activated sign would be of benefit. This was an ongoing issue and we believe this has already been raised by PKCllr W. Robertson

(FG) to forward info regarding generic email, noted that some emails are wrong and efforts will be made to correct this.   

Broadband update and proposal for Maryburgh / Blairforge

The Keltybridge Community Fibre Partnership is still ongoing and testing of the actual speed of connections, continues. No further progress as awaiting progress from Openreach

Boreland remains as September for the fibre upgrade on the Broadband website

Drainage Updates

Drains at Keltybridge are re-filling due to spoil from the building site and then compacting. There is significant flooding due to this. It was suggested that the source should be reported to the roads department as it is the developer’s obligation to ensure this does not happen. This has been reported to the enforcement officer.  

The drains on one side of the road in Boreland were cleared by the Council.

Financial Update

Current balance £555 with one bill for out of pocket expenses (FG)of £143.5 made up of Annual WordPress hosting of of £84 and 50% of the cost of Zoom as we share that with Kinross Camera Club of £59.

Potential purchase of a low spec laptop was raised for Zoom meetings rather than rely on CCllrs own. (CM) to look at Digital Inclusion grant funding options, (SG) to see if there are other potential sources from corporates. 

Blairforge Update

PKCllr Watters and Freshwater, updated the CC with the progress and seriousness that the Council are taking of this situation and the potential enforcement. It is hoped that this progresses soon and it seems that this situation is receiving attention at the highest levels. It is believed that the costs that the Council will then move to recover could well be extremely high and this is the first time the Council has acted in this way to this level.  Senior council officials have offered to meet the residents of Blairforge and it is encouraging to note that all four PK Councillors are united in working to resolve this matter.  

It was postulated that had a harder line been taken earlier, much of the scale of this issue could have been avoided. A meeting with the Chief Executive and the PK Councillors will still go ahead and it is hoped that this will help to guide future council strategy.

Planning report

Most, if not all applications for the site at Blairforge have been refused and are subject to enforcement.

Pending applications:

Dwelling House 60m west Hollow Cottage , Pending

Application for Stables and hard standing Land 100m NE of old Piggery Blairforge. Withdrawn

Erection of replacement fence Rowan Tree Cottage Blairforge . Approved

Extension to dwelling house and Garage  Rowan House, Carsegour Approved

Alteration of dwelling house at 1 Blairfordel Steading, Lawful Use Approved

Hill View, Kinnaird. Change of use from open space to form extension to garden ground, formation of vehicular access and parking area (in retrospect). Pending

Land 60m North of Craigbank Cleish erection of a dwelling and landscaping. Pending

Siting of two Static Caravans and Animal Welfare for storage, temporary for 3 years.

Retrospective application at site near Blairforge has had a letter of objection and was originally refused and is awaiting the outcome. Pending

Erection of two houses south west of Hillcrest Maryburgh:  Withdrawn

Extension to dwelling house 18 Middleton Park : Approved

The Willows, Change of use to garden ground retrospect: Pending

Prior notice Application Fruix Farm for Farm Shed

Plot 9 in field by Blairforge for Dwelling, review body supported planners decision to refuse

Outh Farm Moor up for sale, among the suggested opportunities are Carbon capture forestry and Solar farm

Right of way at Blairforge was discussed and technically only has right of access from A-B. The road is breaking up and the bridge has to be maintained which is an issue as this is not adopted by the Council.   

Village Update – Blairadam

Speeding in Keltybridge and Maryburgh. A call was made for Speed activated signs.

Parking is an issue and vehicles parking on the pavements. Pavements are subsiding as a result. The parking issue is forcing pedestrians onto the road where vehicles are speeding. Roads department have looked at possible verge parking but this was years ago and nothing has happened. (MT to contact Cllr Watters who will contact roads dept)

A light opposite Middleton House has been damaged, possibly by overgrown trees.

Cutting of verges at junctions seems to not be happening as much as required. Clarification is required as to what the actual cutting procedure is for the different designations and what the designations mean. Just because a road is not used as much does not change whether it is safe due to sigh-lines being blocked.

It was noted that the Perth and Kinross Council app allows for the reporting of faulty lights.

Village Update – Cleish 

Speeding traffic again is the issue despite the Primary School. Courier vans seem to be the most common culprits. Community Speedwatch may be the solution.

Forthcoming election

CCllrs will be up for re-election this year so should members of the community wish to join the Community Council more information will be posted on the CC website and noticeboards as it becomes available later in August.


The property that has been vacant for 5 years in Keltybridge has now finally been sold

Apologies from the Kinross-Area Committee due to access issues for the Community Councils. This has been resolved and won’t happen again.

Sound quality was improved for the Zoom attendees thanks to the microphone on loan from (SG) Camera placement needs improved for future meetings

Defibrillator training, (FG) to contact re potential training before the next CC meeting.

Speed limit at Lochran has been agreed to be set at 40mph but is due to be reviewed as it may be extended towards Greenacres. This should be set this financial year.

Speed limit on the B996 by Blairforge has been rejected for this financial year but will be subject to a route action plan in the following year so may be able to be reviewed.

Slip roads at Junction 5 the railings on the bridge obscure visibility and could perhaps be changed to ones staggered at an angle that aid visibility. (Cllr NF) to discuss with Roads Dept.


The date of next meeting: Monday 19th September in The Cleish Village Hall with provision for Zoom Hybrid attendance

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