Cleish & Blairadam Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held at 7.30pm. Monday 22nd February 2021 via online Zoom

The meeting was attended by:

CCllr F.  Principe-Gillespie (FG)

CCllr P.  Appleby (PA)

CCllr C  MacLaren (CM)

CCllr F.  Whalley (FW) 

Ccllr  J.  Leishman (JL)


PKCllr C.  Purves  (CP)

PKCllr  W. Robertson (WR)

9     members of the community were also in attendance.

1.    Welcome: 

The Chair (FG) 0pened the meeting at 1935 welcoming everyone to the meeting and thanking all for their attendance.  

2.    Apologies: 

Apologies had been received from Margaret Traylor (Treasurer) (MT) The Chair (FG) had received an update from MT

3.    Matters arising from previous minutes

The previous minutes were accepted and signed. Local consultation had / was being undertaken regarding speedwatch / alternatives etc.

4.    Crime Prevention / Community Speedwatch update

There were no police officers in attendance. No update had been received from the police which was recognised as disappointing as there had been a number of crashes on the B996 which was perceived as an alarmingly regular occurrence. This prompted lively debate with WR advising a written communication to the police and the council. The summary findings were that excessive speed was the problem. There had been proposals to reduce the speed limit to 40mph at Blairforge and Blairfordel with the council to monitor. CP was to take this forward with the council. Lack of police resources was seen as a contributory factor.

The community speedwatch was positively received and was definitely worth trying. CM reported that although there was not any interest shown in the Boreland area there was an interest in traffic calming measures. (CM)’s report is under village updates later in this document.

WR suggested that it would be sensible to put the speedwatch issue to one side until the current pandemic was over and things returned to some semblance of normality.

5.    Correspondence

FG reported that no correspondence had been received.  

6.    Boundary Updates and discussion

There was lengthy discussion regarding extension the Cleish and Blairadam boundary with CP reporting that the issue had been live for a couple years without clear resolution. The council appear to be unwilling to impose boundary changes without the agreement of the relevant community councils.

7.    Broadband update and proposal for Maryburgh / Blairforge

The Maryburgh CFP was continuing albeit it slowly, the 26 properties involved should, within the next few weeks, be notified of the web site where the vouchers can be applied. PA advised of the website for other residents in the area to check their status for future fibre provision. www.scotlandsuperfast.com.

8.    Drainage Update

CM provided an update on Cleish drainage.

A site meeting with Tilhill Forestry (TF) was held on 8th December.  TF are sympathetic to local issues however are limited in what can be practicallydone in the immediate term as the forest is mature and there is little ability to operate machinery in a confined space. In the short to medium term a relatively modest drainage redesign might be possible subject to proper process being followed and consents achieved.

Key provisional dates that are relevant in this regard:

•    Next community consultation 2022

•    Harvesting 2023

•    Replanting 2024

The time to reconsider drainage design would be at the consultation in 2022, with implementation being at the time of replanting in 2024. In addition, consultation should consider any potential drainage impairment during the 2023 harvest i.e., there might be some work needed to mitigate the short-term risk of flooding during that time.

A separate site meeting was held with Scottish Woodlands (SW) on 11th December.  Timing is more beneficial as the SW block has recently been harvested and SW will be planning their drainage in early spring in advance of planting in Q2. 

SW agreed to revert to share their proposed drainage scheme which will extend to approximately 1100m. Broadly SW intend to slow the peak flow in line with forestry management guidelines by reducing the hill drainage gradient to 3 degrees in a chicane style, with overspill to rough land / attenuation and also equalising the outflow to the various drainage points i.e., minimising the pressure on one drain at peak flow.

Separately FW updated that improvement to the culvert south of Cleish House had been agreed and work would commence shortly.

9.    Financial Update

FG presented the financial report as below:

The CC top up for the year 1/9/20- 31/8/21 was£374.93and was credited to the CC's Bank of Scotland A/C on 22/12/20.

The balance now stands at£600.50.

I also confirm that all previous Community Councillors who held authorised signatory status on the Bank of Scotland Account have been removed, Paul Appleby as Vice Chair has now been added which means that the three authorised signatories on the account are: - FG; MT & PA.

10.    Planning report

The Chairman thanked PKClr Willie Robertson for his work regarding the ongoing situation in Blairforge, WR explained at length that there is an active case running but council officials were currently not permitted to make site visits. There was lively discussion on the placement of static caravans/mobile homes in the fields to the east of Blairforge with particular emphasis on the level and type of traffic on the small unadopted access road. WR is taking residents concerns back to David Rennie, PKC Enforcement Officer.

Erection of a dwelling house in principle 90 mtrs south of Hillview, Blairadam (pending consideration)

Alterations to dwelling house (in retrospect) Beatha Cottage Maryburgh (pending consideration)

Alterations and extension to dwelling house and erection of garden buildings (in retrospect) 1 Blairfordel Steading Kelty (pending consideration)

Erection of replacement extension (proposed) Watergate Cottage Cleish (pending consideration)

Alterations and extension to dwelling house and associated works 2 Middleton Park Keltybridge (pending consideration)

Erection of dwelling house (in principle) Land 30mtres west of Hollow Cottage Kinross (pending decision)

Erection of a dwelling house, garage and workshop/ temporary residential accommodation, installation of air source heat pump, erection of gates, formation of landscaping and associated works. Land 60 mtrs north of Craigbank House, Cleish (application approved)

Erection of a dwelling house and formation of vehicular access Gordon Bungalow, Benarty Rd Kelty (Application refused). The owner of the property was present at the meeting and sought advice as to reapplying and the reasons for refusal. FG and FW explained at length the community council’s role in planning applications. It was noted that the applicant had a considerable level of support for her application. The CC had no objection in principle to a house development on the site and that it was PKC's Planning Officer who made the final decision rather than the CC. FW recommended that the applicant has a discussion with the Planning officer before submitting a revised proposal.


11.    Village Update – Blairadam

Thanks were forthcoming to Councillor Graham and Stuart D'All and his team at PKC from all residents, for all their help in arranging for the gritting carried out regularly in Keltybridge and Maryburgh on the treacherous pavements and roads in the area caused by the snowy, icy severe weather conditions we experienced from the New Year period and beyond. They're help with this eventually enable residents to get to their cars out safely to go for essential shopping or just out safely for their daily walk during the current lockdown.

The placement of Static Caravans and groundwork in the fields to the east of Blairforge...... just to keep on the Agenda.

LItter and dog pooh problems in Keltybridge all along the Sawmill Road passed June Smith's house and up towards the Motorway bridge and beyond. This has been exacerbated by the volume of walkers and walkers with dogs using this route during the currentLockdown. It was bad on previous Lockdowns as well, but the biggest issue isn't the walkers, but the volume of litter and dog pooh left behind in the area.

One of my neighbours who is badly affected by this as walkers pass the entrance driveway to her property, decided to do a litter and pooh clear up this afternoon, she picked 3 large bags of litter, which included plastic drinks bottles, drinks and beer cans, crisp, sweet and biscuit wrappers as well as untold dog pooh. This is a part of the core path network but not an adopted road so not sure that PKC will offer to help with clearing up but one idea would be to at least let us have an official PKC litter bin to try to alleviate or at least try to help with the issue. The dog pooh is a serious environmental and health issue as the Sawmill Road is directly next to the Keltyburn/Blackburn where I am sure any heavy rain will wash said dog pooh into the burn at times and these burns feed directly into Lochore Meadows. The issue of dog waste bins was discussed at length, one resident had written to PKC about the situation in Maryburgh and received a negative email from the Community Waste Team with the comment that the officer was unable to see a suitable location/need for a bin and also unable to see a requirement for one!! WP advised to write to him or CP with a view to obtaining a bin. CP further advised that the council not provide additional bins. 

Also, the amount of litter along the verges on the B 996 to the junction of the B9097 is a disgrace, also at the layby on the B9097 before the M90 where illegal tipping seems to be happening again.

We are also experiencing problems with noisy trials motor bikes in the area again coming in from the Kelty area heading into Blairadam Forest. One resident has reported that they had saw what looked like a parent driving a vehicle with a trailer attached with trial bikes on it!!  The problem is no one is able to catch sight of any registrations to report them, and if they drive the bikes in through the village to get in the forest, they are no registrations on the bikes driven by youngsters. WR advised that this was police issue.

Following the last meeting CP had arranged for Jim Mitchell, Community Warden, in touch with PA regarding the illegal tipping situation in the area. Jim met with PA and had produced some CCTV signs which have now been erected at the triangle in Maryburgh and in adjacent to the layby on approach to the B996. Since the placement of these signs no further tipping had been evident.

Several Sightings of a suspicious white flatbed van in the area, the couple of reports I have had mentioned that they had tried to photo with their phone, but the van driver stopped, and they felt intimidated, so no one seems to be able to get the registration and they felt that it was also watching for dogs!! They were more concerned that they might be trying to illegally tipping rubbish. There was also a report on the Kinross and Fossaway Forum about a suspicious vehicle with a similar description and it was also about they might be looking for dogs. The police are warning about this aspect ... stolen dogs....at the moment.

Concern was raised about Openreach telephone cables insecurely fixed adjacent to the bridge just north of Keltybridge, indeed one set of cables is not buried at all across the farm gates, it is clear that the tractor has been dragging these cables as it enters and leaves the field. PA agreed to take this up with Openreach. 

12.    Village Update – Cleisharea

With regard to broadband most of the Boreland area is eligible for the R100 programme, however work is not due to commence during 2021.  There is no published map that identifies which properties are either included or excluded however residents can check their own address by using the online tool at scotlandsuperfast.com.  In the interim if a property is included then vouchers of up to £400 per property are available to help prior to R100 delivering.  Excluded properties may be eligible for vouchers up to £5,000.  Details of both schemes are available on the online tool.

Enquiries had been received about traffic calming, in the Boreland area, particularly speed bumps.  It was noted that there were issues with speed bumps, however other options might be possible e.g., improved signage.  CP agreed to ask Daryl from the roads department to undertake an assessment in the first instance.

A couple of Boreland residents had expressed an interest in street lighting being installed.  However there were mixed views locally with some residents preferring the status quo.  Given the lack of unanimous support the idea would not be progressed at this time.

Residents had noted the increased incidence of potholes during winter and it was noted that the PKC online portal is the agreed method to report potholes to the Council.

An increase in dog waste was noted along the walk from the Church car park to Millennium Walk despite good signage and poop scoops being made available.  The issue will be brought to the attention of PKC dog warden and in the interim dog walkers are asked to clean up appropriately.

FG asked about the provision of warning signs for the protection of red squirrels. WR advised that the council do not provide these and advised people to purchase them should they desire.

13.    AOCB 

FW raised the issue of lack of access to footpath at Flockhouse

FG advised that the Community Council website is no longer available and that he was proposing to write a new front page with hyperlinks to minutes etc. The contract still had a year to run.

FG offered condolences to the family of Chris Conn who passed away on 12th February.

Condolences were also offered to the family of Richard Crombie who also passed away recently.



The date of next meeting: Monday 7th June 2021 (again using Zoom online meeting facility)

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm.